It’s time to announce our new cartoon caption contest..

I am trying to keep these posts lively and make them fun and interesting. So with Arielle’s help we are doing some new original cartoons. Sometimes we have the caption, sometimes, just the idea and we need your help. So here is the cartoon that goes with this week’s post on smoke and indoor air quality:

drawing of two scientists in a smoky lab. The female scientist is holding something in her hand (like an instrument). The male colleague is scratching his head and saying something. Empty dialogue box.

What is he saying?    Are they puzzled or do they have it figured out?    Is the smoke so thick that they can’t reading it?  

What do you think?   Try to make it funny, light and if you want to poke fun at us scientists I am OK with that.   

Post your ideas in the comments!

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Wally Moon

I think it’s time to write another grant to get some maintenance done on our lab equipment.

Sarah V

The smoke really brings that photo by the sink to life! (ps, I know it’s a window) OR
I’m not ready to leave until I figure this out! I don’t care if we’re in Evac 3 status! OR
Do you think this contraption will really make my hair grow back?

Joseph Vaughan

But if we don’t evacuate our lab in front of this wildfire, we’ll be able to capture valuable data!

Janet Diehl

“I’m going to the meeting. Where is my mask? I just had it! Awk!! Why are you putting your hand in my pocket? Oh! Who put it in my pocket?