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If Science Eludes Us, So Does Democracy: 2021 version!

If Science Eludes Us, So Does Democracy Thirty-four years ago, I wrote an op-ed with the same title as this one.  At the time, I was a grad student at UW.   This article was published in the Seattle Times on 8/17/1986. You can click here to see my old and yellowed copy of this. sci_eludes_1986-1Download Or if you are a Times subscriber, you…

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Hi and thanks for your interest in I started this blog in August 2020 with the goal to help the non-scientific public understand science, what it is, and why it’s important. When I thought about this, I asked myself a simple question: does the world need another blog?! I decided the answer was yes because I see so much mis-understanding and mis-use…


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