It’s time to announce our new cartoon caption contest..

I am trying to keep these posts lively and make them fun and interesting. So with Arielle’s help we are doing some new original cartoons. Sometimes we have the caption, sometimes, just the idea and we need your help. So here is the cartoon that goes with this week’s post on smoke and indoor air quality: What is he saying?    Are they puzzled…

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Hi and thanks for your interest in I started this blog in August 2020 with the goal to help the non-scientific public understand science, what it is, and why it’s important. When I thought about this, I asked myself a simple question: does the world need another blog?! I decided the answer was yes because I see so much mis-understanding and mis-use…

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Temperature map for August 16th, 2020. Courtesy of Weather Underground (

Baby it’s hot out… and it’s gonna get hotter if we don’t do something about it!

As I write this blog today (8/16/2020, Seattle, WA), the weather app on my phone is telling me it's 98°F outside. The U.S. weather service is saying 95°F.  Either way, that’s pretty damn warm. I start to melt when the temps get into the 80s! But I suppose I shouldn’t complain. All across the west, we are seeing temperatures maxing out in the high 90s and…


So how do scientists ensure honest and truthful results?

What is “Peer review” and why is it so important to science? The goal of the scientific process is to discover things that no one knew before and push the frontiers of knowledge. How do we do this? Well, first, remember, nobody is perfect. Scientists make mistakes and can sometimes fool themselves into thinking they are right, when they are not. But still….the…


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